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A matter of some concern

to the top rather than burying somewhere below.

Fascinating to see many farmers and all the usual suspects jumping in with expressions of extreme hostility toward China.

Farmers aren't a significant voting demographic but probably do punch well above weight class since the flyover class still thinks that everybody down there must be a farmer.

The problem is if Trump starts finding that tweets or applause lines to that effect at his rallies are getting positive feedback.

That's guaranteed to make nothing better other than (possibly) some short term political points.

The WWE non-strategy is in a muddle but supporters feel they have no choice but to double down.


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Senior Contributor

Re: A matter of some concern

You , Colin Norris and your "sweetie" Ag Judge serve as anti-American surrogates. Soon will be the day for separating the wheat from the tares. 

Senior Contributor

Re: A matter of some concern

Those farmers sold out  no were paid off  no, got socialist payments from the great leader to keep them toeing the line.