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Senior Advisor

A pattern

The very same people who back in October claimed the Hunter Biden story was nothing are the exact same people who now claim there was no voter fraud. Sorry people. Your credibility is zero.

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Senior Contributor

Re: A pattern

And ran 4 years of rx3.

And ignored fast and furious until vanderboegh outlined the entire crime spree.

Much more.

Veteran Advisor

Re: A pattern

i used to think that most liberals were simply misguided, good people, on the wrong track and given the wrong information.

These last months make me think the majority is sinister. 

Maybe it is time to let God sort out the good ones from the bad?

Senior Contributor

Re: A pattern

Want a huge scandal completely ignored by the msm?

During the Obama admin the FBI gave private contractors query access to nsa data.   Thousands of searches were done that were found to be 85% illegal. 

All information on who those contractors were and what they were searching for has been completely covered up.

85% illegal.  In my small mind illegal means a crime was committed.  Anyone ever held to account?