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BA Deere
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Re: Clean underwear

I disagree with my own modern day Lutheranism on the subject of  "the rapture", the rapture isn`t Scriptural.  If you "fly away" with the guy that says he is "Jesus" you are decieived, because the 1st "jesus" is a fake, he will be more popular than 0bama.  Study up on it Bruce, you`re too gooda guy get fooled on this issue, being as you`re an 0bama fan that says gullibilty is something you`ll have to keep tabs we all will.  

Red Steele
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Good Analysis Milligan

I tend to agree with your assessment that the Hispanics will be the conservative force that the liberals will learn to hate in the coming years. The perception is that Hispanics drain the social services budgets in rural counties when the truth is that old white people in nursing homes , whose shifty children have used equally shifty lawyers and loose laws to grab their fortunes, are the real drain. My experiences with local Hispanics has been overall a very positive one and I would rather have a hard working, moral Hispanic as a neighbor or an inlaw than some other cultural group that does not value thrift and hardwork.


I lost a billfold once outside of my office building  that contained over $200, licenses, numerious credit cards. A very unkempt Hispanic man, long greasy hair, the kind of guy you would worry about knifing you.....he found it, brought it in to the building and asked the receptionist where I was and brought it to me. I was surprised...had not known the wallet was even gone, and here the man was with it, and then he was gone as I stammered thanks.


I try to never miss a chance to tell that story as I never gave the guy a proper reward, but I try to reward him by sticking up for honest Hispanics whenever I can. I went and changed a tire for a stranded young Hispanic one night and told that story to him, too, and told him to pass it do something good for someone just like that man had done for me. He was so surpised that a white man would go out of his way to help was getting dark and he was out in the sticks and I wanted him to be able to get back on his way.


As we do something for the least of people, we do it for Him.

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Ah yes, you are a prince of a fellow

While voting to export him or his extended family beyond our borders to life of abject poverty.

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A student and disciple

Of Limbaugh is lecturing Bruce on the perils of gullibility. What is that word? Chutsba? Hutsba? something like that! LOL

Re: Good Analysis Milligan

Agree with most of what you say here.  Especially the part about  the OWP in the care facilities after their assets have been laundered.  It's a huge piece that stays in the shadows and quite frankly not much can be done about.  Its a little tougher to pull off than a few years ago, but still very doable for most. Back to the Hispanics, the future of many rural midwestern communites depends severely on how well the assimilation AND BLENDING continue to go.


Not sure that the greater Latino commuity will become a conservative force.  Maybe it will when conservative politcs gets back to it's old traditional standard of supporting entrepenuership and public infrastructure and institutions to allow entrepenuers to flourish and people to have access to those things that allow them to develop useful skills.  But there is a lot of putrid water under the bridge in the recent vision that minority populations have of the conservative movement has it has played out and has it has been expressed by local conservative leaders in our backwater areas.  Help all kids, white, brown, yellow or black, from meager bakcgrounds get the sort of education and training wherein they can become the next generation of self reliant producers and entrepenuers and you'll have them for life.  My expeience is like yours.  Nobody despises Hispaic bums and bad actors more than other Hispanics who aren't bums and bad actors.


Good outreach work. Kudos.  Need more of that, out in the open, from community and intitutional  leaders.

Re: Clean underwear

Where do you get the notion that I'm an "Obama fan"? 


I'm an ardent and vehment Paul Ryan/Mtich McConell/Grover/Norquist despiser.  That leaves for a butt load of room between pesimistic fractured hopefulness and being a "fan". 


We don't need a new messiah, so I'm not looking for her. 


Let us know when you suspect someone.  Have you got anybody in mind that might be looming in the shadws?  I wonder about that Korean comedian and dancer, Psi?  He's getting quite a following.  RG3? 


If I did buy into it all, I'd be pulling for the "Luke" character on Modern Family to lead us out of the wilderness.  Funniest and best comedic character I've seen since Barney Fife.


Veteran Advisor

Re: Good Analysis Milligan

Many of them are not very well informed. 
Most of the ones I know, are against gay marriage,

very much pro-life,

and actually do not like that illegals get benefits, and are often still roaming the streets with long criminal records.


Yet, they vote Democrat, because they hear that Republicans are 'bad', yet can't exactly explain why...

Re: Good Analysis Milligan

Like I said to Red...a real genuine opening for you if you are part of a serious real Republican party and can wrest control of it back from 3020 and  man of steel and the rest of the short circuit to salvation, "Beam me up Jesus!"  gang. 



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Re: Good Analysis Milligan

The lions share of hispanics are catholic.  Gay marriage and such are hot button items which is easily seen in how the vote shook out in CA back in 2008 when gay marriage was defeated in the election only to be overturned by the state supreme court.  Hispanics by and large are very conservative which can easily be seen with how they live.  We have a large hispanic population locally.  A couple of years ago, half of the incoming kindergarten class was of hispanic descent.  They tend to act and live like most of us around here did decades ago.  They tend to come to town to do their shopping once a week like we did when I was a kid.  They live for the most part in very modest homes.  They are very family oriented.  There is one thing that I've witnessed as a change for them in the past ten years though.  They used to buy old tired worn out vehicles, but today they tend to drive as nice or nicer vehicles than the rest of us.  Maybe, they are gravitating more towards consumerism?


The thing that is deceiving about our local hispanic population is how they don't really understand how our system works.  They think we live in the greatest country because of all the free things we get like healthcare and such.  We've done a very poor job in educating them that it's really not free.  They tend to believe things are free such as preschool because nobody has ever really educated them on how it isn't free. 

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Re: Re:Crock of Wet, Steaming Manure

@Canuck_2 wrote:

@r3020 wrote:

That is exactly what will happen Bart. The ones paying the taxes will leave, all that will be left is those of us on the receiving end.

So why is a farmer like you 'recieving' from the government.

Times are good for farmers you should be profitable and paying your share of taxes to help those who need it instead of 'recieving'.


We are paying our share. We are paying more than our share. Time for the rich to pay more so we can continue to receive our Obama insurance baby.