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A tangled web?

seems like whether it's Mrs. Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Barry O, Holder, Biden, etal , the standards of holding to the truth in testimony and actions is hard to obtain.

Trump appears to be the most honest one of the bunch to this simple country rube. I think his chances of being vindicated in an impeachment senate trial are pretty about the rest of you?

I would make a bet on his chances of winning in November of 2020 but I know from past experience that Democrats never pay up anyways so why bother.

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Senior Contributor

Re: A tangled web?

bruce MN

Re: A tangled web?

I read every word of the stuff that’s linked here. Sponge Syndrome I guess. 

So I just read this one 3 times and still need to get back to you and ask just what it is that is supposed to be in there that led to NR publishing it or you linking it.  What it reveals is in a hearing transcript.

Looks  like the key word that triggers defenders of the reich has to be “however”.