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A visit with Monsanto's Dr. Fraley

He's a 2013 World Food Prize Laureate, an Illinois farm boy, and more importantly one of the founding researchers of Roundup-Ready soybeans. Dr. Bob Fraley, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Monsanto, visited Meredith Corporation Headquarters Thursday. Here are some takeaways:
-Dr. Fraley discussed how Monsanto needs to do a better job to inform the consumer about its genetically modified products. He says the activists groups have established themselves in the public eye and have outworked the  giant seed and chemical company.
--Dr. Fraley reaffirmed the room of food and ag editors that after thousands of studies, none show any more risk with food produced from gmo plants vs. non-gmo. And, these seeds are the most studied in the world, he says. "After 20-years of use, not a single food or feed issue has arisen from these products," Fraley says.
--He reported the well-known claim that a gmo acre uses 25% less inputs than non-gmo products.
--For farmers, the next big thing for Monsanto is to get back into the wheat seed business. Plus, the St. Louis-based company will put more emphasis on energy crops, sugarcane and vegetable production.
--Regarding technology, Dr. Fraley says information technology is going to be a big focus for the company's future.
--While it launches a public relations campaign on telling consumers that gmo's are safe, it is helping African farmers adopt new corn traits that are drought tolerant.
--Oh by the way, want to know more about gmo's? Go to You can discuss the topic all day long.

My question to our Ag Forum folks and those around the world is this. Do you agree that Monsanto is a company that needs to up their sales pitch on the safety of GMO's? As a member of the first part of the foodchain, what do you want this company to do for you? What is it that drives your opinion about the seed and chemical giant? The floor is yours.