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Senior Advisor


There, that should get the monitors attention.................


I see are area cultural arts center has a concert coming up this spring, that I'd like to maybe go to............


The group  AMERICA.......  i'm playing some of the stuff on youtube, and I know a lot of their music after all.


Has anyone went to one of their concerts ?  I would like to take the magic carpet trip back to a better time, via


the music that I know........but so many groups don't want to sing their old songs, and just want to play their new stuff,


which I don't care for.........sister golden hair, ventura highway, daisy jane, lonely people and others......back when we had hair,


and our belts were longer, and how they went halfway to our we're lucky if we can get the first or


second notch hooked up, and when we used to wear dark colored, or other colored glasses to be cool, not today


like we do for cataract surgery, or to protect our eyes from uv radiation.  Back when we wore baggy clothes, or bell bottom


pants, to be cool, not because of the extra freedom they allow us when we set down now.