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AR ban, it was successful they said.

It's funny how liberals think.

First they claim that the AR banning of one rifle lowered the crime rate.  FBI statistics show rifles are seldom used, as a matter of fact all rifles combined that were used in murders were 1/26th the number of pistols used.

Second, no rifles were removed from anybody.  The ban only stopped the manufacture and sale.  So nothing changed, people still had AR style rifles.  Yet the crime rate dropped.

Third, Obama made statement that was quite humorous, ""Weapons that were designed for soldiers in war theaters don't belong on our streets."  Then he proceeded to arm police on the street with weapons designed for soldiers.  Not the AR's that hunters, target shooters and collectors shoot, but actual AR16's not AR15's popular with the general public.


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Re: AR ban, it was successful they said.

Kurt, once the ar15s are ban and the shooting are the same or rise the dems will then go after hand guns. They'll say it is a health emergency and assume even more power. They want us disarmed and the police defunded so they can be replaced with a national police force much like 1930s germany. An extension of Trickydicky's black vans.