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Re: AZ Congresswoman shot!

Trying to gloss it over,  trying to immaterailize it is not going to make it go away. You and the right are in the minority on this one, watch. I had a woman tell me this morning he was a skin-head, my answer to her was go on YouTube, look at the footage! The TeaParty took in anyone who they thought would make them stronger, skin-heads, militia groups were welcomed with open arms. That's what you wanted wasn't it? People to scare the Left and Center, to make them feel helpless? Nearly worked, until yesterday.

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Re: AZ Congresswoman shot!


god, your an idiot.

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Re: AZ Congresswoman shot!

That is his logic. Agonline must be responsible for every nutty thing he says.

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The book list

It's going to be the centerpiece or far right deflection.


I just spent some time going through the shelves in the house and in the office, including  collection we built up for our children and now retain for the grandkids and found tht of the 23 listed that I have personally read 20, and hold copies of 19, of them.


The Orwells, Alice, Wizard of Oz and Barve new World the onoes we were most likely to recommend to the girls as the were growing up. Most of the others for introspective or reference.



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Simple Quote that makes all you lefties look... Well Dumb

You guys should really do more homework before your blame an entire movement for a left wing nut job. Here is the guy from Redstate... I could not say it any better.

The tea party movement won in November. Winners don’t go on shooting sprees.

And as the news comes out remember she was also targeted by some of your leaders in the movement....

See any name of interest on that list????

Re: PALIN to partly blame?

Of course the mainstream media will deny any wrongdoing but the evidence is there for all to read.  They have been railing for some time to overthrow the Democrats, Glenn Beck has been spruiking about a take over, by force or otherwise. There is no good saying the movement is not there.  The brain dead beautiful Sarah Palin has a website which continually talks republican propaganda including the use of words "crosshairs, targets, reload".  Of course, the media have now come out "all guns blazing" to defend their great white hope Palin but no one said a word about her crap when it was raging full speed. How can you possibly believe this type of hype would not affect some looney who hates the government or somthing.   


It would appear, for the first time, the marriage between guns and the constitution is now on shaky ground.  The Love affair americans have with this stupid mind set they need all these guns for "protection" has now to be questioned.   Protection from WHAT. According to Palin, the democrats it would appear.

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Re: PALIN to partly blame?

The American voters will be infuriated the dimtards are blaming this on them. There will be quite a backlash.

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Re: PALIN to partly blame?

"Of course the mainstream media will deny any wrongdoing but the evidence is there for all to read.  They have been railing for some time to overthrow the Democrats, Glenn Beck has been spruiking about a take over, by force or otherwise."


You know, other than being pretty rude and of sounding uneducated in your responses.... I kind of thought you were pretty level headed. Now I know your just kidding yourself and there is no need to talk with you further.


Re: Krugman deserved his nobel prize...

At this point in time the only things consistent I can find about the guy is he was a conspiracy theorist and bat **bleep** crazy.
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Re: AZ Congresswoman shot!

The more extreme elements from both parties and their cohorts in the media share some responsibility for ratcheting up the more hateful and insiting rhetoric although I would have to say Repubs have been worse at this since Obama has been in office.  I think the party out of power tends to resort to this type of behavior more often then the party in power.  


Trouble is this killer in Arizona was a person with major mental health problems as opposed to some extreme party radical that got carried away.  Sounds like he was a ticking bomb ready to go off some day no matter the reason. 


I think there are very few people in the Repub or Tea Party that feel we need a revolution and that violence is called for as a few of the more extreme elements have suggested.  I believe Palin has done a lot of damage to the T.P. by attaching herself to their comet tail and using this more extreme dialogue while wearing he self appoint Tea Party hat.  The wife and I stopped by for about an hour at a Tea Party rally attended in Mason City last summer and never saw any signs or heard anyone advocating violence, revolutions or even mentioning "taking our country back."  It was an average looking group of middle-class and middle-age people who seemed most concerned about our governments spending and debt problem.


Gun owners may not like it but I would suggest that people with credible recent mental health issues and concerns be unable to purchase a gun until the concerns of their mental health are cleared up.  This shooter had been removed from his college for repeated bizarre behavior which was more then enough to cause his college to grow concerned about him and the safety of other students.  This information should have been forwarded to the proper authorities resulting in his name being flagged on gun back ground check lists.  This would qualify for me to be a credible report listing mulitiple witnesses as opposed to an ex-wife or other individual simply trying to get even with someone.


There are many incredible stories associated with this shooting such as the date of birth of the 9 year girl killed who was born on 9-11-2001.   I was impressed by the bravery of those who helped subdue the shooter and especially the woman who had already been wounded that was the first to try and stop the gunman as he attempted to reload his weapon.  I was also impressed with the man in his late 70's that was shot and killed as he shielded his wife from shooter. 


From I witness accounts the shooter came running up with his gun already raise and just opened fire at close range.  Even if Rep. Gifford had been carrying a gun it would have done her no good but may have helped if someone in the crowd had been carrying a concealed weapon and was able to get a shot off.   I'm not crazy about private citizens playing the role of professional law enforcement but it seems much better then the alternative of standing by and allowing this crazy man to kill many others.


One odd thing I noticed was that Loughner, the shooter had rambled on vaguely making little sense on various topics while posting online.  One of his concerns seemed to be the illegal immigration problem in his state.  I'm curious if he knew Rep. Giffords had on occasional been critical of the federal governments poor job of securing our borders and that Giffords was one of the few Dems that voted to approve the use of National Guard to help patrol our southern border.     


Hopefully there may be some good come out of all this and our politicians in Washington will starting acting more statesmanlike like and start cooperating and working together to address the many important issues facing our country and tone down and condone the more noisy extreme elements under their wings.