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bruce MN
Veteran Advisor

Re: Krugman deserved his nobel prize...

This has all been tough to digest.


Best predictions or feel for the matter that I can come up with is that the most memorable, the stickiest object of the first 24 hours will be, whether well advised or not, the extensive statement that came from the Sherriff. That will stick the most with concerned political independents. Just plain not liking what we appear to have quite possibly become.


That and the rapidity that the talking and squaking right took to talking this back...well before many accusations or suspicions were raised. When most of ideaology from quite a ways right of center and leftward from there took to the holding of tongues. That was the instinctive thing that jumped out first and foremost.


Happend on a Saturday. The larsda%% from Cape Girardeu, MO and Beck etal will have their regular weekday programs starting in the morning. We'll know how seriously they are going to attempt to spin this in by noon.


And literally millions of Americans saw this precisely the way Prof. Krugman did, from the very first second they heard of it. They've been a disquieted bunch these past months. They won't go quietly from here on, at least for a while. It's as seminal as 9-11. Most of the nation still assigns blame wrongly for that. Why expect differently now? We get to do McVeigh over. Think for a minute of what the general  view on McVeigh/OKC would be if all had seen before that what they've seen since.


You folks have got a challenge on your hands. And bufoons for mouthpieces.


And aside from all of that,  we've all still got the genuine grief that surrounds and falalism that comes with all of this to deal with.


Re: Krugman deserved his nobel prize...

If you recall for a fair bit of time after okc it was believed to be Islamic terrorism. I think wise people wait to draw conclusions, that of course leaves out krugman, and many of the posters here.