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Senior Contributor

Aborted fetus as fuel.

Has anyone seen the story going around about an English hospital using aborted fetus' too heat the building. Has anyone denied it happened. Wow brutal.

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Aborted fetus as fuel.

Where is this taking us?

Senior Advisor

Re: Aborted fetus as fuel.

The price of a human life is very cheap. And then we wonder what is wrong with society. An unborn human is no different than a lump of coal.


distorted headline

Should honestly have said they are incinerated. Baby's don't make good fuel.
Veteran Advisor

Re: Aborted fetus as fuel.

Yes,and all the animalshelters are heated with the thousands of cats and dogs who are put to sleep each day because ignorant people let them breed without control. Are they supposed to have a big funeral for the aborted fetus? Abortion is still legal so get over it!