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Abortion science

The dems send their best and brightest.


A witness called by Democrats to a Judiciary Committee hearing in the House Wednesday claimed that men are capable of getting pregnant and having abortions if they please.

Yes, really.

Aimee Arrambide, executive director of pro-abortion non-profit AVOW was grilled by Republican North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop, who asked her how she would define a woman.

“I believe that everyone can identify for themselves,” Arrambide responded, prompting Bishop to further ask “Do you believe then that men can become pregnant and have abortions?”

“Yes,” Arrambide answered.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Abortion science

Clown world on display but cant disagree or your a religious bigot 

Remember everything is a conspiracy theory even though its going on 🤡

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Re: I suppose Buffalo is just a "conspiracy theory" to you.

A "conspiracy theory" that got innocent people killed.

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Re: I suppose Buffalo is just a "conspiracy theory" to you.

Nice straw man again looks like you failed again your comeback makes no sense 3020 post about abortion and you bring up Buffalo that a leftist wack job went on a shooting spree and was on the "radar" of the NY authorities 

Wasn't long ago a black ma plowed through a parade of marching Grannies and you said nothing and the story lasted about a day in MSM who were desperately trying to blame Kyle for self defense of dropping a convicted Pedo that really upset you and limpdic that one of your own got dropped 

So answer is there a crisis at the border or is there a conspiracy theory