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About that shortage of tech workers

Posted here before about how h1-b visas are a stab in the back of everyone told to go into a stem profession.    Proof it was a faked shortage:

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Re: About that shortage of tech workers

Interestingly I know first hand that tech companies are going to Africa for tech workers. I spoke with a young man working for a local company doing work that is essentially high school tech level but he has a degree in computer science and can't land a job relevant to his education. I was told that in the next decade Africa will be a major source of educated tech workers. The person telling me this is in the field and both experienced and exceedingly intelligent. It doesn't bode well for many STEM graduates or the country in general.
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Re: About that shortage of tech workers

My guess would be that they are going to Ethiopia, a highly educated Christian nation, or one like that and NOT to Somalia.