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Senior Contributor

Re: I really do try to understand you…,

@bruce MN wrote:


“for planning to do something that would have gotten many Americans killed”


Please…. .explain or put into context.


If a duly elected American president orders a military strike and the chief of staff alerts the enemy what do you think is going to happen?   How stupid are you?

Senior Contributor

Re: About the phone call

@bruce MN wrote:

I’m fairly sure that they are all recorded and transcribed.

At least they are supposed to be.  Would be dumb of Miley to say there was one if he couldn’t produce it.

Now if one wannabe dictator has a Putin, Orban of Bonestero on his old Nokia or Blackberry, who knows what that falls under? 

I imagine that duck biden mostly talks to his shoe, but I'm sure Hunter keeps him up to date on Xi's directives.

Senior Advisor

Re: About the phone call

Milley said it's true. Now we learn there was also a call form Mark Esper on 10-30. The question is who was calling the shots? Did Trump know? Was this an attempt to influence the election?

Everest, McKinley, Kilimanjaro…..

Finally one big enough to die on.

Driving over or going on one of the tour buses?