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Acosta said he was told

to back off, Epstein "belonged to intelligence."

If Fat Donny ever had a shot at the Deep State served up on a silver platter, this would be it.

Oh wait.

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Re: Acosta said he was told

The most interesting aspect is that 4 unnamed co-conspirators received immunity, which is said to be absolutely without precedent.

Let's take a little peek at that, although I think that leads to something of Richter 10 degree.

Trump is not central to the matter at this time and one more character in his Star Wars Bar cabinet full of ***** and goons won't change anybody's mind on anything.


Senior Contributor

The "Deep State"

Obviously if a defendant in a serious legal jam had explosively incriminating information on a high ranking member of an administration the underling toady would be told that it was "an intelligence matter."

Could even be a combination of some of the characters mentioned in the story and others not mentioned rather than a single individual- just too much for the public to handle at a time when the administration was dealing with with the epic financial crisis they created and trying to get out of a lost war of their choosing.

Ever need to remeber how Obama got elected?