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Actions of the Regular Guys, Speaks Volumes.

I stopped at the business that does all of my chain saw chain work and repairs.  I needed to pick up one of the chains that he expertly sharpened for me.

I asked him if the flood of saws that he had to work on this winter and spring had let up any..... he lead me to the back and showed me the 35 chain saw chains that had come in from 8 in the morning to 2 o'clock when I came in.  Astounded, I said , "THIRTY-FIVE chains in 6 hours, and in the dead of summer??!?"  Yep, he said.... everyone who had brought them in is reading about the proposed Carbon Tax, BTU Tax, Cap and Tax.....whatever you want to call it, and are cutting firewood thinking that it will be worth more than double that it has been worth, because of the taxation of purchased fuel by these new insane taxes.

That is just one saw shop.....take that times how many saw shops are around, and those who sharpen their own chains.

He said that the new saws are flying out of his door as well.

It looks like most folks are understanding what the new taxes are going to mean, ..... and everyone is looking for ways to get around them, as fast as they can.

I have just re-stocked all of my hordes of fuel supplies this week and am working on sawing firewood, which will be sold as "wooden paper weights" once this new tax gets passed by the democrat gestapo this summer.

Anyone who votes for these monsters, should be locked up in an insane asylum!

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Re: Actions of the Regular Guys, Speaks Volumes.

Some dupes will believe anything.

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Re: Actions of the Regular Guys, Speaks Volumes.

Cap and Trade = Comprehensive Energy bill = "Carbon Tax"

Reid and the Democrats are fast-tracking Obama's "Carbon Tax" to double your ALL your energy costs.

Reid plans a Senate Vote to raise taxes for Obama with the NEW "Carbon Tax". Why you ask because as Rahm Emmanuel said "NEVER WASTE A CRISIS!" and Reid promised Obama they would push the "Carbon Tax".
Reid will by-pass the existing Lieberman-Kerry Bill pushed through the House by Pelosi because Reid knows he doesn't have the support of Democrats on his own side, let alone GOP Senators, to get it done.
Reid demanded "swift" action forcing Senate committees to finish their work on a massive comprehensive energy bill immediately. Committee leaders Max Baucus, Jeff Bingaman, Barbara Boxer, Chris Dodd, Patrick Leahy, Joe Lieberman, Blanche Lincoln and John Rockefeller all received the majority leader's letter demanding action.
Senators will likely not even get time to read the bill with hand written notes in the margin just like ObamaCare.

The Obama "Carbon Tax" breaks his promise to not raise taxes on Americans and is the most regressive tax ever, taxing the poor disproportionately.
Obama has spent more money than any single person in history in 100 days! He plans to spend more - much more - and make YOU pay for it ALL and he needs the new "Carbon Tax" revenue to do it.
It is poor judgment and bad policy to raise taxes in difficult economic times, Congress must not pass new taxes on the American people during a recession!
A Heritage Foundation study shows that electricity costs would go up 90% and gas prices would go up another 58%. In turn this will lead to an additional 2.47 million people losing manufacturing jobs.
Obama Pushes Democrats To Get In Line
Reid, Kerry and Lieberman have had several conversations about the existing climate bill over the past few weeks and that they will likely meet next week to discuss the proposals with Obama on climate change legislation. They want to move on it this year and Obama will not object.
Reid and Senate Democrats leading the charge on Obama's NEW comprehensive energy bill will likely mark up a bill by the July recess and have final legislation passed by the end of the year.
Reid must be defeated in his reelection bid. His extreme left-wing legislative agenda is out or touch with America.

Obama's ambitious agenda has some Senate Democrats fearing a repeat of 1994, when the Clinton BTU Tax was a priority and the party lost control of both the House and the Senate. And with ObamaCare already an issue, it will be a tough sell.
At a leadership meeting in the Pelosi's Capitol conference room is has been reported that, Democrats are arguing with each other that the Senate should move cautiously on a comprehensive cap-and-trade bill if it doesn't look like it will be approved.
With a lack of consensus on the varying proposals in the energy plan, the Senate should proceed cautiously on climate change so vulnerable Democrats -- will be forced to take difficult votes on the measure if it's not going to pass anyway.
It's sneaky. The Obama "Carbon Tax" or "Green Energy Tax" is a "Regressive Cap-and-Trade" plan that taxes every single person in America. Every time anyone flips on a light switch, tax dollars are collected. The Obama "Carbon Tax" plan doubles the price of your electric bill immediately. The tax money goes straight to Obama and his Federal Government bureaucrats.

The basis of the Obama "Green Energy Tax" is the "Great Carbon Lie" that carbon emissions cause global warming. This has been proven to be completely wrong and based on bad science. Proof of this comes from Gore's own eco-friends at the United Nations with two simple pieces of data.

This bill is just government extortion that aims at reducing greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050. The Obama "Caron Tax" proposal requires energy companies to buy licenses from the government in order to emit carbon while producing electricity.
The bottom line here is that under the Obama administration's plan, money from ordinary energy consumers will be taken out of their pockets to fund big government special interest spending programs in Washington and bailouts on Wall Street. That's why the White House put the expected revenue from its "Carbon Tax plan into the budget to pay for its spending programs.
Increased energy taxes are regressive and government must cut costs not raise the cost of living.

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Re: Actions of the Regular Guys, Speaks Volumes.

Craig, you sound like you have joined the sheeple mentality.  Those nutters who do things like that are not worth ofmention.  As for explaining all the prospective taxes in your reply, it gave you a nice opportunity to give all the herd a rev up.  If everyone took notice of you we might as well shoot ourselves now.  How do you sleep of a night.

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Re: Actions of the Regular Guys, Speaks Volumes.

Their doing with that, the same as they did with the guns and ammunition, when Obama was elected. By the time they use up all that ammo, most will be worthless. Sheeple really isn't a fitting word for these people, their dumber than that.

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Re: Actions of the Regular Guys, Speaks Volumes.

How much in taxes do you think is enough for us to pay?  You must be retired or unable/unwilling to work and expecting to enjoy the benefits of health care and the new subsidies for lower income people who can't pay higher utility bills in the new cap and trade bill. 

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Re: To hear you talk

One would think chain saws are flying off the shelves like generators during an ice storm. It's simply ludicrous and your exaggeration is doing nothing to improve your credibility. It's purely nonsense!


If cap and trade were to pass, it will not nearly effect fuel rices as you suggest. More wing nut BS!

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Craig is right!!

Just look at the health care take over, every thing conservatives said would happen, and dumbassrats said wouldn't, is happening. It will be the same with grab and redistribute. All in the holy name of the most high Big Algore and global warming.....and global warming has been completely debunked also. The dumbasscratics are on the wrong side of every issue there is.....unless you are a supporter of karl marx.

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Re: bull hockey!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said some dupes will believe anything.

To My knowlege cap and trade hasn't become law. Is there even a printed final draft to review?

And unless the chainsaw dealer just took in a pick-up load of junk saws for scrap, there is no way milly's tale holds water. But, he knowing milly well, knew he could get instant agreement out of him by pulling his string and spinning the yarn. Maybe sell him a few new chains, or maybe even a saw he doesn't really need. Either way, he will make some dough from poor sap milly.

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Re: Actually 4wd

Iowa will be completely denuded of trees by years end. It will be harder to find a bush in Iowa in 2011 than it is tpo find a live dog or cat in North Korea. Bwah hah hah!