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Adam Caswell - #WalkAway Campaign

Hey, everyone. I’m sure my story will sound familiar but here it is: I was the usual, total-package Democrat for several years. I was a socialist, pro-choice, anti-military, anti-police, straight ticket Democrat voter. I suspected I needed to #WalkAway when the Planned Parenthood controversies started to come out, several years ago. One by one all of my Democratic convictions failed in front of my eyes. I was politically lost and confused for a while, until I realized that my more conservative friends were making more sense than anyone else. I studied Donald Trump and the Republican Party, and I’m proud to say I’ll be voting to #KeepAmericaGreat this year.

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Re: Roy Webster - #WalkAway Campaign


I never ever considered myself political (I’m 72 years old) until 2016 & Donald Trumps election. I never voted straight party line. I considered Republicans & Democrats pawns of their big money donors. They represented the ESTABLISHMENT. Their motto should have been “keep the rich, rich” . Skin color, religion, occupation, culture etc etc, didn’t matter, money flowed to the political parties from the wealthy. Many of our electorate got confused because both parties were great at PR & marketing & occasionally gave a few crumbs to the poor or minorities to keep them from revolting. There seemed little difference between the parties on a fundamental & policy level. I think the same today.

Majority of the time I voted for independent or 3rd party candidates or stayed home. Ocassionally voted for a Republican or Democrat, I.e. Obama the first time because I thought it would be a good message to have a black president. Turned out he was just as elitist as any candidates of either major party. Did very very little for minority or poor people. Else why would the wealthiest in our country support him. The optics were great for him to carry the elitist agenda. But man, could he give a speech. Best since FDR.

I didn’t much like what I had read or heard about DT from apparently unbiased sources. I don’t particularly like the human DT today. But here’s what occurred at that time. I would say something to acquaintances like, I like his policy of bringing our troops home from foreign entanglements. Or I like that he gets that Russia isn’t the country that we should most fear, rather China is. Or, that he was willing to talk to evil dictators to try & craft a better world. Or, lets bring some jobs back to America that were shipped offshore starting in the 90’s. Or, let’s get together & form a reasonable immigration policy. Or let’s limit the size of government, which is becoming more of an oppressor to the people.

In another era citizens would have a discussion on issues & craft a compromise bill. That was before the advent of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Now, if Trump happened to support an idea you agreed with, you were therefore a racist or ignorant or only cared about your guns & bible. End of free flow of ideas. The establishment has become like a fascist dictator. You either support the ideas coming from Washington or you are relegated to Siberia or concentration camps, metaphorically speaking. Rational questioning of ideas is now anathema to the new world order. You either are on the train or off the train. If you are patriotic you are a bad person. Or support ‘good’ police or the military. See, Trump represented a large populace that had been left behind. He is neither a Republican or a Democrat. He is what today is called a populist=he supports the middle of the country which has been getting shafted for the last 50 years. Read most economists & you see that wealth inequality has been growing faster since about 1970. This movement is growing all over the world. Populists are winning more & more elections around the globe. In my opinion, in the long term, it is the movement of the future. It’s kinda what liberals say, but never do anything about.
So, that was my path to figuring out that the ESTABLISHMENT was corrupt. Both parties. “Power to the people”, the anti establishment mantra of the 60’s, is on the rise again. Revolution is in the air. Don’t be fooled by the riots on the streets of today. There are many well intentioned people, but they have been taken over by radical, fascist, violent, well organized communistic groups.

That is my Walkaway story from mainstream political parties.

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Re: Susan Stevens Langlois - #WalkAway Campaign

I did it! I’ve secretly been wanting to get one of these signs [Trump yard sign] for several weeks. Last week, I got one. But there is so much hatred towards Trump that my sign sat in the kitchen for days. Then something wonderful happened: I found this group! Because of all the courageous stories, the sign goes up tomorrow. Here’s my story: (short version) I flip flopped. Longer version: I was a Democrat all my life. In 2010 I lost faith in the liberal party and flipped to Republican. Then in 2016, I flipped back to the Democratic Party when Trump was elected, because I couldn’t get past his gnarly personality. I was truly confused politically- and trying to find my place. Ironically, Trump’s feisty personality was the only way to fight the lying, bullying, destructive left. It Didn’t take long to notice how Trump was treated grossly unfairly by the media and by other politicians. But I wasn’t ready to eat crow and flip again. Then Covid, BLM, protests, looters, cities taken hostage, overthrown and burned down - all these things highlighted the wrongs in our country that liberals endorse. I could not deny certain things: President Trump loves his country. Democrats hate it. I walked away. This time for good.