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Adelson laments horrible return on investment

Or in casino jargon, a bad bet.

But props to him. His LV newspaper swallowing it:

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Re: Adelson laments horrible return on investment

Oh well.

It was our money anyway- sent it to Israel as foreign aid then they launder it back into our election through Adelson's Macau casinos.


Re: Adelson laments horrible return on investment

I am sorry, but ain't that a perfect plan?! I mean seriously, in case you need to do such a thing, to launder such an incredible amount of money, wouldn't it be the best solution?! Actually, I do not even see any other solution, not at all. I know that Adelson passed away recently, and I am sorry but I do not have anything great to say about this person, besides the fact that he actually knew how to make money. The only thing I really admired about him, the way he always knew where and how to invest his money, as I am also investing a lot of money in property for the last couple of years. Mostly I have been using the services of the most demanded 1031 real estate agency, as I really trust them, and as Adelson said, you have to work only with the ones you respect and trust.

Re: Adelson laments horrible return on investment

You got a point actually

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Re: He's not worried about it any more, he's dead.

I can only hope them that inherit have more sense and don't waste their money on the republicans.