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We assume you don't want to be be culpable due to repeated actions by a couple different members against others, so on the off chance you are unaware :



Doxing is illegal and there are both state and Federal laws about doxing. There have been several convictions of activists and trolls who have doxed and threatened to dox people. Even if the information is public and published on a website or obtained via a query to a search engine; if the intent is the threaten to dox; a law has been broken.


One issue to note that the laws clearly state that there doesn’t need to be proof that actual doxing occurred only that the threat of doxing was made.


So those publishing threats or photos of homes or workplaces, or discussing on social media sites where individuals work or what businesses they own have all broken the law.


The other caveat with these laws is that since the threats are usually made on the internet that any state’s law that is applicable can be used as the backbone of the internet’s electronic data could have passed through any state in the US so a person in Missouri dox threatening a person in Oregon could be held up to the very tough California stalking laws as some of the data bits of the threat may have passed through a California server on it’s way to the destination.







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