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I find it quite interesting that your concern is of this topic.  Just before Colin Norris was banned on this website, he claimed to have visited our farm compound, making all kinds of disparaging comments about it. When questioned about the details of what the farm looked like, what he saw at the end of the driveway, what kind of crops were visible from the roadway, he could not, because he was lying about the entire matter. 


At that same time, you chimed in saying that you had recently acquired a drone UAV, and was going to come to our farm, and fly the aircraft over our private land.  I do not know if you have done so, as our detecting devices have not alerted us to it, at this point. 


You have also published the last four digits of my Social Security number on here. You have also published other matters on here. 


Like other Leftists, you exclaim outrage of things that you are already engaged in. 


If anyone here reads that someone plans on actively seeking to do harm to our elected representatives, they should report that suspicious claim to the authorities. 


Have a collective day, comrade. 

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