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Re: *Admin



Just before Colin Norris..........



Huh ??  Who cares ??



Me : That hay you sold me was rotten, weed infested bales of mold.


You : Well my cousin's neighbor sold me a bag of bad seed corn, so there.


Do you see your failed logic now ?




I don't know What Colin said, or anything about your alleged questions about his alleged claims and really do not care.


None of that negates what my post is about.



 . At that same time, you chimed in saying that you had recently acquired a drone UAV, and was going to come to our farm, and fly the aircraft over our private land.


I don't think you know how drones work or what laws they are subject to.



I do not know if you have done so, as our detecting devices have not alerted us to it, Smiley Very Happy at this point.


You have also published the last four digits of my Social Security number on here.


Yes, it would have been wrong to publish the whole thing as I know what lines should never be crossed.



What you have done and CONTINUE to attempt to do to Colin, Dale, Bart, Jen & myself and others has to STOP - Today!


What I did was to let you know that  your underhanded and absolute repeated actions of illegal  doxing was not going to be tolerated, and for a while you took heed.


You have also published other matters on here.


Yes. Words were used and even typed regarding matters. So darn many matters. Without matters there would  be zero threads.


LOL WTH does that even mean ??


Like other Leftists,  <------- scary word  you exclaim outrage of things that you are already engaged in.


Ha ha reverse osmosis only works with water.


If anyone here reads that someone plans on actively seeking to do harm to our elected representatives, they should report that suspicious claim to the authorities.


Weird you think that even needs said. But, yes if anyone is unsure of which Official Dept to contact, feel free to DM me.


Have an A-1 Day Smiley Wink



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