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Administration coverups another sex scandal

Why doesn't Joe Biden take these guys back into the ally? No doubt this will shake Michelle to the very core. And Barack signed the executive order making it legal for these clowns to go into the same restroom as the woman they harass. Obama/Clinton America.



Though a lawsuit’s revelation that Thomas Reed, the director of the FCC’s Office for Communications Business Opportunities, had sex with a Washington Post reporter in his office is salacious, that’s not what should get Congress’s attention. The far more serious revelation involves the FCC’s official legal response to a female employee’s allegation that she was subjected to a hostile work environment due to management inaction when a male coworker repeatedly invited other male coworkers to watch porn with him in the cubicle adjacent to hers, from which she would “hear groans – mmm, mmm, ahh – in response to the pornography viewings,” while having one “stand guard looking for her.”

In today’s environment of heightened concern regarding gender issues, these allegations should have raised red flags about the prevailing institutional culture at the FCC and prompted swift remedial action. Instead, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler’s legal team attempted to dismiss the case in federal court by arguing that these allegations amounted to nothing more than the “mere existence of pornography in the workplace” that was not sufficiently “severe or pervasive” to create a hostile work environment.