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BA Deere
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Advice for Donald & Theodore tonite

I don`t know or care what Ted did to tick Trump off, but tonight whether it`s contrived or spontanious.  Cruz needs to walk over to Trump, hand extended and say "Donald, I am sorry we got off on the wrong foot at some point, the establishment is both of our enemies and we are going after mostly the same voters that are fed up with business as usual.  I propose that we not throw bombs at each other, but debate the issues vigorously and regardless which of us wins, we are friends with a common goal, if you win, I pledge my support to you.   May the best man win!".


I think whether they can be friends or just frienemies, for their survival they need to form an alliance.  Because they (mostly Trump) have taped into something very massive here, the stars have lined up in terrific ways that I never even imagined.  What Trump has started can not be squandered.

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Re: Advice for Donald & Theodore tonite

You talkin' 'bout Rafeal and Drumpf?

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Re: Advice for Donald & Theodore tonite

You're in a different universe!  You think trumpty dumpty thinks he needs anyone or anything!   He would agree to do that and then shove the bat right up ted's butt and break it off!!  You guys are doomed!!

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Re: Advice for Donald & Theodore tonite

You don't know your man. Here's his creedo:


“For many years I’ve said that if someone screws you, screw them back. When somebody hurts you, just go after them as viciously and as violently as you can.” (How to Get Rich, 2004)

“I aim very high, and then I just keep pushing and pushing and pushing to get what I’m after.” (The Art of the Deal, 1987)


“I don’t like to lose.” (New York Times, Aug. 7, 1983)


“I’ll do nearly anything within legal bounds to win.” (The Art of the Deal, 1987)


“If you don’t win you can’t get away with it. And I win, I win, I always win. In the end, I always win, whether it’s in golf, whether it’s in tennis, whether it’s in life, I just always win. And I tell people I always win, because I do.” (TrumpNation: The Art of Being The Donald, 2005)


“I’ll do what I have to do.” (Atlantic, April 2013)

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Advice for Donald & Theodore tonite

I don`t know what it is that Cruz did to Trump and if i couldn`t tell you, it must not be very important and certainly not rise to the level of "screwed".   Whatever it was it`s probably more drama than anything else, something that could easily be forgiven.


If Trump is going to stand a chance in the general, he is going to need Cruz supporters...his 40% on it`s own ain`t gonna cut it.   Cruz could be offered a SCOTUS spot or Cruz is young, he`s the one that should capitulate, Trump is the one that threw this party. 


I think so far Kasich has been agling for a VP spot with Trump.  Trump is no dummy, he knows this will have to be a team effort.