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Afghanistan FUBAR...J'Accuse!


After four administrations, multiple leadership rotations of both houses of congress as well as multiple heads of our DOD/CIA/State Department/NSA/DIA/DOJ, twenty long years of squandered effort, a trillion dollars of wasted spending, 2400 dead + 3X more of forever more wounded American servicemen and women; laying this utter FUBAR collapse of Afghanistan on Joe Biden is more than unjust. It is criminal.

Who, if anyone among our power elites, will ever answer for the two decades long deceit? How many of our best, brightest, and bravest knew that Afghanistan was never worth the candle to save it?

More importantly, WHEN did any of our beltway generals, HMS Pinafore admirals, clever ambassadors, always reliable intelligence directors, august senators, congressmen, Monty Python cabinet officers, military industrial boards of directors, and Ron Burgundy media elites know it? Shameful, and a pox on all of their houses.

That is the greatest crime of Afghanistan my friends. How could so many in high government be so consistently incompetent (or corrupt) with their personal judgement for so long? Shameful, just shameful.

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Re: Afghanistan FUBAR...J'Accuse!

The thing we have learned from all of this there is no help for people who refuse to help themselves. They will always live the way they want and choose to live. We can't get out of there fast enough and never return. They pi##ed away everything we did for them. They refuse to help themselves. We must never allow them a toe hold in this country. They are like dangerous animals. Human life means nothing to them. Only power.

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Re: Look at the facts.

The majority of the Taliban's army consists of the former Northern Alliance militias, the very people who fought against the Taliban twenty years ago.  The sad fact is, a succession of  Afghan governments were never able (or willing) to build a solid base of grassroots support among the Afghan people.

  The Afghans are getting the government they want.  Don't feel bad about it, just feel bad so many Americans had to die first.

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Re: Look at the facts.

If you could go back 20 years you would find posts by me saying it was a BIG mistake looking for revenge in Afghanistan.

You can not invade a country and then expect them to just open their arms and do as you tell them.

If the invasion had not happened probably by now the citizens of that country would have sorted things out and have a much better country than they have been left with.

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Re: Afghanistan FUBAR...J'Accuse!

The Soviet Union fought for ten years in an support of an unpopular communist regime. The US and other forces for 20 years in attempt to establish a democratic government. It should have been obvious from the Soviet failure that effort at nation building were doomed.
bruce MN

Re: Afghanistan FUBAR...J'Accuse!

Kudos, actually, to the “current resident”:for being willing to end up “holding The Old Maid”.

As said here before, the best thing about him is that he has been observant of and interested in all of this as it went down over the last 50 years.

The roofs of Saigon not just something he saw in a documentary. Soviet-Afghan conflict in real time.

Not sure which is worse, neophytes shaped by cultural bending or total xxxxs like the old winger hacks such as Pat  WHO WERE THERE TOO and are laboring now to come up with a re-write.

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Re: Afghanistan FUBAR...J'Accuse!

Yet Trump remained there for 4 years.

I know, like every single fail, “the deep state!”

A little truth in this case.