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Re: It seems to me, ....

And fwiw long term geopolitically the Kurd bit a considerably more potentially disastrous than this.

This doesn’t particularly play into Eurasian fascism.

Re: It seems to me, ....

Very short shelf-life.

Patiently waiting…

For GOP leaders who still maintain a bit of foreign policy credibility after the marriage to Dennison/Pompey to put up the hue and cry for Congressional investigations.

Only watched around a minute and a half of Beltway Banter this AM. Tripped over Nikki Haley.

Judas H. …………..

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Re: It seems to me, ....

(It seems to me, ....Very short shelf-life.)

Yea, what old senile joe did here is definitely impeachable - but we were warned senile joe would be a disaster and we still installed this disaster as our President, and thus we have to live with it for 4 years.

And anyway, the hypocrats are hypocrats for a reason - they ain't impeaching their puppet boy.


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Re: It seems to me, ....

What kind of idiot thinks the Kurd situation compares to setting the Taliban up with a first World military Arsenal and 10s of thousands of hostages to hide behind?    Can anyone be dumb enough to make that statement? 


Re: It seems to me, ....

In the end it’s not even close. 

A 100% “Who’s your Daddy?” Thing 

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Re: First World military arsenal, really, maybe not.

Quote: "Uzbekistan claimed Monday that around 22 planes and 24 helicopters from Afghanistan had been forced to land after entering Uzbek airspace. Dempsey said satellite imagery supported those claims, which if accurate would represent around a quarter of all Afghan air force aircraft."   We know 3 Blackhawks and a number of other aircraft went north to the opposition. Some of the more expensive U.S. equipment appears to have been disabled or removed by departing Afghan officials and forces.

They got a lot of Humvees for sure but do they have the fuel to run them?  And we don't actually know if they got heavy armored vehicles, I can't find any record of them get much of any.  As far as light weapons, they already had that.

  10's of thousands of hostages? Even the Taliban know the surest way to invite retaliation is to start killing Americans.  They already went down that road once.


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Re: First World military arsenal, really, maybe not.

Who said anything about killing them. A dead hostage is no longer a useful hostage.

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Re: First World military arsenal, really, maybe not.

It appears that the senile old man in the white house is one of the brighter ones in the crowd of the lefties on here. At least he knows when to go hide in his basement when things really get bad instead of running off his mouth.

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Re: First World military arsenal, really, maybe not.

I’m willing to admit that I probably would have maintained a limited force there, if for no other reason than to keep the Chinese out. “You break it you bought it.”

Although we and the government had been losing ground slowly for 5 years.

Anyhow, absolutely no hope once f.g. and Pompeo went around the government and endorsed the Taliban.