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Senior Advisor

Afghanistan collapsing

even faster than feared.

BTW, the far greater threat to Israel’s ambitions is a China friendly axis of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan.

Anyway, please, please get the people who assisted the US out of there, now.


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Senior Advisor

Re: Given the way the ...

Given the way the Chinese treat the MoslemUighurs, I'm not sure we need to worry too much about that.  

  On the other hand, Afghanistan supposedly has some minerals so I would be surprised if the Chinese don't succeed in subjugating them where we & the Russians failed.

  The fate of Afghan women and minorities won't be pleasant but it never was.

  Besides, we have our own intolerant religious fanatics to worry about.

Senior Advisor

Re: Given the way the ...

Chinese get along fine with regimes like that- they just get the concessions for what they want and leave local matters alone.

Since the Trump Admin wanted to do the same but caved temporarily to pressure from the Pentagon, I don't think I'd be trolling anybody about this totally expected outcome if it was on them.

Still not easy to abandon allies, and there was no apparent purpose in abandoning the Kurds. Now you're looking at a potential crescent of Chinese and Russian influence all the way from Pakistian through Iraq and Syria.

Turkey is now a very important player and I don't know where that leaves us. Call up Flynn?

As I said, Israel's actual long term threat.