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After Trump

What is the future of the USA and politics in the USA after Trump?

This article raises some questions about where politics in the US is heading and what the make up of people might mean for the future.


Washington as it currently exists—gridlocked and constantly warring—therefore risks becoming more and more irrelevant to the lives and concerns of America’s citizens. Taylor figures the partisan fever has to break, sooner or later. “Political parties don’t commit suicide: they adapt or die.”
Could a Trump loss be what finally breaks the logjam? The beginning of the end of the politics of division? The 70-year-old has crossed so many lines, and broken so many taboos, that it’s hard to envision a future major party candidate pushing deeper into the swamp.Then again, it wasn’t that long ago that Trump was unimaginable too.

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Re: After Trump

(Washington as it currently exists—gridlocked and constantly warring—therefore risks becoming more and more irrelevant to the lives and concerns of America’s citizens.)


Not sure how your boy macleans has determined that the the gridlock and constant warring of the last 8 years is Trump's fault, other then just a liberal media talking point.

When we elect someone with no experience like President Obama, only because he is a rock star, and whom is likely the most divisive president in our history, that person will create a very partisan Country.  It will be very difficult to recover from the Obama disaster but a 3rd term of Obama via Hillary is definately not the answer.  

The good news is that no matter what happens in the upcoming election, President Obama, the $10 trillion man, will be out of office and in Hollywood where he belongs.  His policies & debt will negatively effect us for many years but at least he will no longer be able to implement new policies.

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Re: After Trump

Geeezzzz edmund, our media has obviously led us astray, I guess that is part of the BIG colussion that the media all over the world has against telling things as they should be told.


I always was led to think that Trump was the entertainer and Obama was a politician who was a Senator even.


Going to have to search out real truthful media sources I guess.

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Re: After Trump

You're figures are wrong.


Barack Obama: Added $6.494 trillion, a 56% increase in the $11.657 trillion debt level attributable to President Bush by the end of his last budget, FY 2009.

  • FY 2015 - $327 billion
  • FY 2014 - $1.086 trillion. 
  • FY 2013 - $672 billion.
  • FY 2012 - $1.276 trillion.
  • FY 2011 - $1.229 trillion.
  • FY 2010 - $1.652 trillion.
  • FY 2009 - $253 billion. (Congress passed the Economic Stimulus Act, which spent $253 billion in FY 2009. This rare occurrence should be added to President Obama's contribution to the debt.)

George W. Bush: Added $5.849  trillion, a 101% increase to the $5.8 trillion debt level at the end of Clinton's last budget, FY 2001.

  • FY 2009 - $1.632 trillion. (Bush's deficit without the impact of the Economic Stimulus Act).
  • FY 2008 - $1.017 trillion.
  • FY 2007 - $501 billion.
  • FY 2006 - $574 billion.
  • FY 2005 - $554 billion.
  • FY 2004 - $596 billion.
  • FY 2003 - $555 billion.
  • FY 2002 - $421 billion.

And, when we include in the failings of GW - and add them back to where they belong - to his administration, then, who really, is the Ten Trillion Dollar Man?


Edmund55 said:  "When we elect someone with no experience like President Obama"  

Yet, somehow, you think that Sniffy with all his failings is the man for our time.  You are deluding yourself....Trump is for Trump.  And you reference Hollywood...IT's WHERE TRUMP CAME FROM!!!!!  Can't you see that?  He's NOT the great business man he pretends to be.  He's a con artist...A CON ARTIST!!!


Trump before election.jpg


And he has deceived his follows...It's a good thing he doesn't have a bend to be a minister, or he would be another Jim Jones....


Tick Tock....



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Re: Party Politics

The "gridlock and warring" Congress is nothing new, the strengths of the civilized "democracy" -- this "warring" is verbal, not physical; a balance of powers, not a single party system; limitations on powers, no single authority; and SUPPOSEDLY, nobody is above the law of the land.  The "far left" and the "far right" do not represent the typical voice of average Americans.  Nothing is FREE, somebody pays for it.


In the end, most Americans want to know that our leader can be TRUSTED to listen to and honestly share information, learn the multiple sides of issues as they arise, and act forthrightly in a manner acceptable to us, now and in the future.


And, party politics aside, it should be more concerning to both parties that so many Americans disapprove of both major presidential candidates.



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Re: After Trump

(Geeezzzz edmund, our media has obviously led us astray,...)

Agreed, but one let's themselves be led astray by the media.


(I always was led to think...)

Don't be led Canuck, think for yourself.


(Trump was the entertainer and Obama was a politician...)

Trump is a political outsider whom has been a businessman all his life with a dabble in Hollywood via a reality show.  Trump & Mark Cuban have taken similar paths, both businessmen with a sideshow in reality TV.  (I mention the similarity with Cuban as liberals here love him right now)  President Obama is a community organizer and wanna be rock star whom dabbled disasterously in politics.


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Re: After Trump

Here's my prognostication.

Clinton will win pretty big.  She'll take that as a mandate, but it won't be a mandate in the true sense of the word.  She will try to lead only to find the opposition will be bitterly against her.  We'll stay in gridlock.

The first fight will be over the Supreme Court nominations.  The budget will be next.

Putin is going to push on some issue, or she'll percieve it as pushing, and will push back.  Relations will Russia will get worse and the potential for conflict in east Europe and the Middle East will get  worse.  

The Republicans will decide that their problem is they let the unwashed pick their candidates so the RNC will try to pull a DNC and go for ways to rig or twist the candidacy process.  Super delegates or something like it.  The Republicans will not learn that the extreme right will sink them every time.  The Dems understand they can always incorporate the Bernie Sanders types but the Repubs instead liet the radical right tail wag the dog and will never get ahead.

The idea of a middle-right party arising and taking over the Republicans is only wishful thinking in the near term but in the long term it the Repubs only hope.

The national debt isn't going to get any better in the next four years and both parties will be to blame.

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Re: After Trump

I agree with most of that 







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Re: After Trump

The mistake that many make is to blame or give credit to a particular president (I probably engage in that a little, although I know better) see, "Obama" isn`t our problem, it`s all the damned lazy morons in this country that voted for him, if it wasn`t "Obama" it would`ve been someone else that scatched their itch and now it`s Hillary.  50% +1 of the country are looking for free stuff and want to unzip their pants without repercussions and responsibility.  Once that has been released on the population, I don`t know how you put that genie back in the bottle.  Doubt Trump would stand a chance, any headway made he`d certainly be a one-term president.


But 2 years into a Hillary presidency?  I have never seen so many Confederate flags in Iowa as after this past year, I see many Trump/Pence yard signs, very few Hillary signs...I`m not saying that Hillary won`t win, what I`m saying is as big of differences in Democrats and Republicans these days, I doubt that "president Hillary" is going to win anyone over and that the Conderate flags will come down.


I predict a resurgence of the klu klux klan, that is what happens when people are pushed to the brink.  They say when a blonde kid goes to prison that he must join a ethnically similar gang like "aryan nations" for protection or he will be the "boy toy" the negroes.  Well prison is becoming a microcosm of the outside world, Alex Jones term of "prison planet" was very prophetic. 


The world has changed and I ain`t for damned sure that in some of the wars we were dragged into...prehaps we`d have been better off today had we fought on some of the other sides, don`t know if it had been any worse, ultimately.  

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Re: After Trump

Lead astray : If you like your policy you can keep your policy. Period. Obama care will lower cost for the average American by $2500 dollars. Bruce Jenner is a girl. Yeah I would say we have all been lead astray.