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With Russia.  Hillary is on record as wanting a no fly zone in syria, which will bring direct conflict with russian aircraft.  Did you know the usa is already positioning equipment and troops in norway?   Electing a corrupt warmonger has consequences.

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Re: After Trump

Begin Obama 1st term -- Democratic control of House and Senate. 2 years later, things change.


Obama 1st major issues -- the financial meltdown/recovery, Obamacare.


Next President 1st major issues -- ISIS, Russia, ??

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Re: After Trump



LOL, zippers, kkk and negroes.


I wonder what goes thru that lop sided head of yours ??? ( not a personal attack, but an actual question )


I have not noticed many Hillary / Pence signs around, and even fewer trump signs.


Interesting that there are  many King / GOP signs, yet  they don't add a trump sign.


I have faith and  HOPE that not all the blue eyed lutherans will give Iowa to trump, as if it would matter anyway.Smiley Very Happy