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Re: AgForumRefuges

The only problem with starting a new forum is you might not get liberals to come on to argue with.  I mean if you have a group that says "I hate Obama"  and someone else says "I agree, I hate him too"    And "Democrats are communists"  someone else says  "That`s truth they are".   No you need liberals on to argue with that say "God doesn`t exist, I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall???  Anchor babies are citizens, we need to raise taxes, take guns away" .   Although, I`ve been at this since we got a computer at home, about 11 years now and even arguing the same old crap is getting old.


Yeah the first 11 years is fun, but it does get old telling liberals "Hey dumbkoff! the boot is full of pee, don`t read what`s on the heel or you`ll spill pee on yourself!....I said don`t do it, now look at the mess you made!".   And they look at you and say "I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall???"  


If you do get a new forum going, can you find some smarter liberals?   Smiley Happy