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Re: AgForumRefuges

Whoa Whoa! back up, Sam are you telling me you have pictures of AOC in her birthday suit??? Smiley Tongue   i know you`re joking, but don`t joke about that.  


I think you`re right, liberals wouldn`t want their lack of thought exposed, they`re good at posting links where a Leftist author expresses their opinion for them or get on a skipping needle record "What happened to better & cheaper health insurance?  What happened to...."    Obamacare okay, Obamacare is what happened to better & cheaper insurance okay geesh!.  


The problem with chat forums is everybody thinks they`re going to come on and win converts to their side, Canuck thinks he`ll convert everyone to atheism and that will bring about his socialism, Jenny thinks that pointing to the soybean price will make Trump supporters wish they had voted for Hillary, ect.  The way these forums have to be approached is "This is what I believe, now you convince me different...take your best shot" .  


I guess my message to liberals is My facts don`t care about your feelings.