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Re: AgForumRefuges

What I think the problem is...we've had our fun,
The newness of yelling at each other is wearing
Off....we're becoming older and wiser. In some
Respect, I believe all of us understand we have
To come together, and solve our problems.
The economy is not that good, nobody want
Drugs or murders...we are getting to the point
To where we now listen...and come back
With a responce.

So we're tired of playing anymore....kind of
Like poking a bullsnake with a stick and he
Strikes poke us and we don't respond...
Because we're tired of does no good.

It is said that the world would be a boring place
If we are all alike....someone on this thread
Alluded to someone says something
And everyone agrees.

Variety is the spice of life

In my humble opinion, Trump has been taking
Advantage of that....putting one person against
Another..keep running them down.
That is what is happening...yeah, it was fun
For a while....but hey, we have a serious problem
And we have to fix it, and we need everyone
Help. While we don't like another person, don't
Agree with their ideas....we have grown, and
Understand they are Americans too...they love
Their kids, have problems just like us...
And they are not going to budge, neither will
I, but after awhile...common sense kicks in.

Washington doesn't want us to grow up....
While we are fighting amoung ourselves....
They can benefit by pushing buttons....

But maybe we can grow up...I hate drugs
As ba, 3020, and others.....see we agree.
Somehow we need to fix immigration....I'll
Agree with others on here on that too....
We just disagree on how....but we agree.

Our leaders fear that...why ????
It takes away their power....they can't
Say something to rally everyone
They are held high in the air.......

Now grab the nitro bottle.....

Maybe Trump has done something good
For the country....he has pushed us so
Far, and pushed so many buttons, we have
Gotten tired of the ball game, and are growing

You know, it's kind of like when the young buck,
Goes off to is just nuts.....
Kid graduates, and goes into the world....
Then realized..... maybe that old man wasn't
As nuts as the kid thought.

Maybe it's time to clean a few things out,
Put them in a box, and take them to the
Good will store