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Re: AgForumRefuges

augh that's terrible schnur! 

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Re: AgForumRefuges

Canuck, good business skills are a God given talent, sometimes a Blessing is abused by flawed humans and not so good results happen.  If I supposedly am a "socialist farmer" why don`t I also want Obamacare that is essentially socialized medicine?  Seems to me, if I cash a ARC payment (which has been $0 lately) why wouldn`t I also want some richer than me also pick up my medical bills?


There can never be a pure political or economic system, there are aspects of capitalism within communism and aspects of communism within capitalism, especially in a nation of over 300 million people or look at China`s communism with all their glut of Chinese billionaires...Karl Marx is rolling over in his grave. 


The thing is, there are a lot or taxes and regulations in which the government enforces with a loaded gun to our heads, I have to follow them and then.  When a farm subsidy is offered, I will not turn it down until that loaded gun barrel is taken away from my head on confiscatory taxes that I am forced to pay.


Are you attracting any Libertarians?

The good old Rothbarbites?


If so you might want to alert them to this:

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Noticed in IOWAY

a few signs protesting the seizure by ED of rights of way for the oil pipeline.


I imagine those folks got shunned and evicted from the World's Largest Gated Community for not knowing what The Real Greater Good is.

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covered that


Re: covered that

Not interested in hooking up devices to any more sites.  That’s been problematic here.


But very interested in any “solutions” (Hat tip: SF’s other Forums) that might be reached from inside the bubble you’ve likely created.