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Aging men with mental issues

Well, there comes a time when enough is
Enough....rsbs posted this, and a reference
To someone just Soo happens that
Those reference are put down by most on
We see time and time again, standards about
What is and is not right....yet this posting
Is made, and not retracted.

It is only fair that I inform you that I will be visiting
With a lawyer about it later today.

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Re: Aging men with mental issues

Wow, that sounds scary. But for emphasis, You should of used bold and bigger text. And an exclamation mark! Maybe 3 or 4!!!!

OH, AND ALL CAPS that's scary!

Maybe post a copy of your receipt of the retainer you leave or added chill factor?

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Re: Aging men with mental issues

Let's see, a mediocre lawyer at $175/hr.........that's 7 vials of insulin. Could drag on for months. Pass the popcorn and get me a Corona.


Re: Aging men with mental issues

wish I could find a $175 per hour attorney. Mine charge me $300 per hour, but maybe you get what you pay for.


I don't know about the rest here, but I know I don't care to open up a forum and hear about what some guy or gal here thinks about the sex appeal of one of our congressmen or congress ladies, nor do I care to hear about what they think should have happened 50 years ago with the local prom queen and how they were jilted.


I like family values and applaud the new rules. Maybe some of our elected officials fall short and should be held to task, but that is a different issue.


Clear enough?