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Ah, back to the Einsatzgruppen

G. Gordo


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Re: Ah, back to the Einsatzgruppen

Went back the other night to watch the last episode in a German documentary series on the Einsatzgruppen.

I started back when I was looking for something less disturbing to watch during the GQP convention.

The Soviets hanged hundreds of captives from the group with only summary trials.

At Nuremberg, they only tried 24 of the 3000 identified from captured records and only 4 ultimately hanged.

Very few of the thousands of Poles, Lits, Lats, Estonians, Croats, Ukrainians etc. who participated ever faced justice.

One of the tricky things about getting involved in the Ukraine is that we’re on the side of the Nazi sympathizing Folk, as compared to the Communists.

But can’t figure out why Our Righties have a problem with that.

Senior Advisor

Re: Ah, back to the Einsatzgruppen

The chief Nuremberg prosecutor told of an encounter with one guy he did manage to string up.

This guy had a couple PhDs- the leaders were a well educated bunch.

He asked, why? Germany wasn’t attacked.

The guy said yes, but the Bolsheviks were going to exterminate us and it was a war of annihilation, us or them.

But what about the Jews- old people, women children?

They were all Bolshevik sympathizers.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Ah, back to the Einsatzgruppen

There`s one major hole in your fantasy (if you are some how comparing it to today) where are the "nazi groups" with appreciable power that could be joined up with?   The "nazis" don`t have enough power to keep MLB in Georgia where as the communists tear down statues, ban books, erase classic movies, burn down Target and Auto Zones stores.   I think "nazis" should demand equal rights to destroy sh-t.