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Ain't my fault

like anything else you'd choose.

But our State Department and Intelligence services did aid Bolsonaro's ascension to power. That's partly because of an obsession with Venezuela, partly just our default mode in matters in Latin America.

But anyway, he shot off the starter's pistol to clear it out.

In purely self interested terms, that's not particularly good news for US farmers either. Even if most new clearing goes to pasture, that means some old pasture can be put in row crops.

Nuthin' but good news, I tell ya.

BTW, one form of crazy circular logic (like saying if tax cuts didn't help the economy, cut some more) would be to say that we need more ethanol to soak up the excess production.

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Re: Ain't my fault

On the other hand you could say the same about a return to setaside programs, which some of the Dem policy proposals include. 

Let's raise the price so Brazil can clear more of the Amazon!

Putting aside, of course, some degree of international cooperation (gasp).


Re: Ain't my fault

And I guess you really can't say that the CIA putting RW Death Merchants back in power isn't a form of international cooperation.