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Al Gore is murdering black children

Scoping through one of the fringier sites I visit periodically.


This piece is goofy but actually not any goofier than some of the other pieces that get posted here. Difference is that in cobbling together a rant the author "gores" an oxen that is favored here.


Complexity opens the door for goofiness, which is everywhere, on all sides.


"Not only are biofuels starving millions of people, they are also leading to environmental destruction, by accelerating the growth of dangerous chemicals and pesticides.

Gore was an enthusiastic supporter of biofuel projects even as it became clear they were exacerbating the starvation of millions of predominantly black people in the third world, and yet he has the temerity to label critics of such practices as “racist”. Part of Gore’s $638 million Generation Investment Management funding was ploughed into the production of biofuels, before Gore himself was forced to admit he was wrong to push biofuels years later, after they had helped kill millions of poor black people."


BTW, I expect the "food vs. fuel" foodfight to re-commence any time now, probably about the time the USDA gets below 150 on a US corn yield.


There is a legitimate policy discussion to be had there but expect goofiness to reign from both sides.


One of the fun things will be watching folks pols tapdance around the ethanol issue with the Iowa caucuses up first. In Iowa ethanol comes out a bit ahead of Jesus in popularity.

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Re: Al Gore is murdering black children

One of the funny things about the food vs fuel argument is that any acre devoted to any kind of fuel is an acre not devoted to food.  A fact often overlooked in the food vs fuel argument.


By the way Al Gore now says something to the effect that people who don't agree with him on climate are the same as racists.  This from a man traveling all over the world and spewing CO2 at every opportunity.



Re: Al Gore is murdering black children

Just thought it was interesting to see a run of the mill anti-AGW, anti-elitist, anti-Gore rant take the very unexpected turn against biofuels.


Fols are getting accustomed to unleshing the squirrels but apparently hadn't thought that one might run up your own pant leg.

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Re: Al Gore is murdering black children

Wouldn't surprise me if the word embargo doesn't get kicked around a lot in the near future.

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Re: Al Gore is murdering black children

However, the by-products feed millions of hogs, chicken and cattle which in turn feed millions of people.


Re: Al Gore is murdering black children

Pretty hard to argue that ethanol boosts the price of grains, but doesn't price those on the margins out.

Re: Al Gore is murdering black children

Won't get any argument from me.


And for those who want to rant about the influence of grant money and other funding on academic opinion, what about the Ag Econ Dept at every land grant institution that I'm aware of?


The basic foundation of ag economics is the idea of elasticity- that food systems have sufficient flexibility to withstand supply shocks and thus remain fairly robust.


The corn ethanol issue is moderately complex but the policy set it up to fail with steep and rigid production mandates.


I believe that every Ag Econ dept in the country should be defunded and the money given to their respective  basketball teams because they serve a higher public purpose.


Re: Al Gore is murdering black children


Re: Al Gore is murdering black children

At OSU that would go to a legal defense fund, would it not?


Re: Al Gore is murdering black children

Arrrr, ##$$%%%%**?&)'""@*?@, mfin, @#$&&*&%$(@@!!#)-++;;;, so, ah Minn vs usc what's the line on that game?