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bruce MN

Re: It seems to me

I wasn't "trying" anything. Just describing what happened and saying that it appeared to me that was what they were proposing. To deaf ears in the GOP and many in the Dem side in Congress as well. Ain't gonna sense "trying" to argue it. As I wasn't..... read it again.


We're way too far down the road in this game of econimic extraction for some one thing or set of things to do much about jobs. What is going to be tried is lowered spending and lowered taxes.


You on the right have won the argument for extreme austerity measures over any sort of stimulus. So what's the problem? In fact the President has been sold on that argument and is just going from corporate and bankster station to station with nis new REpublican Congressiona allies and asking "How many piles and what color?"


Grover's running water in the bathtub, as we speak.