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Veteran Advisor

Re: It Looks Like Algore Has Discovered

It would appear that algore has discovered his own little Ice Age.  Maybe Rosie Palm will help warm things up for the Guru of Global Snake-Oil. *smile*

(here is the cue for Dale Walker to add his well thought out synopsis over my observations)Smiley Wink

Senior Contributor

Re: same reason I'd post news about some other

How the heck could Gore have rose in the polls after that kiss?   If I recall it was the most awkward, strangest and longest lasting kiss I have ever seen.  It ranked right up their with some other rather odd political moments like Howard Dean's scream in Iowa, Bush Sr. tossing his cookies on the Japanese emperor and one of many of his sons finer moments although I personally like the time he tried to exit through a locked door after a speech or the time he butchered the old saying about "Fool me once, shame on me."