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Alert for Red State Thimpers

Call or text or email your sanctified brethren in Colorado. Colorado, where so much of your movement got it’s bearings. The Springs, The Boykins Airforce Academy faculty...

The faithful let a heathen slip past the goalie:

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Re: Alert for Red State Thimpers

Gardner is voting to open the government until February 8th so the 2 sides can come to an agreement on homeland security?  And then shutdown again on February 8th?  I guess I'm fine with that but why the heck haven't Gardner and all these other politicians been working on that during this shutdown instead of going to Hawaii & a Puerto Rico beach?  What's gonna change between his vote to open the government until February 8th - and February 8th?  I guess one positive is that government workers would get their back pay paid before the February 8th shutdown.  I'm not seeing what's so brave about Gardner's comment.

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Is Thimpers some kind of new insult

or did you misspell your usual insult?   I thought they deleted insults now?

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Re: Is Thimpers some kind of new insult

Funny how Bruce tries to bring religion into every discussion with words like patron and sanctify. Then he accuses others of being religious extremist.

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Re: Is Thimpers some kind of new insult

There are a couple on here, what I call "small L Lutherans", in Eastwood`s Gran Torino movie a Hmong kid tells him "the Lutherans brought us in".  Those two are really ticked that in their eyes "the Rightwing has highjacked Christianity" .   "Bible thumping" I suppose comes from a fire & brimstone preacher that taps chapter & verse in black & white the difference between the "sheep and goats".


Well those two small L Lutherans want to hear a more nuanced translation of the scriptures, in issues of immigration and social issues.  They want open borders so they don`t have to "explain to their granddaughter why kids are in cages on the border"...they want `em in and I don`t know where they`ll take care of the influx of poor people "loaves & fishes....manna from heaven"?  That and Christians should bake gay wedding cakes and take some anti-depressants to be "happy" about it if necessary.  And oh yeah, turn in their guns to the nearest police station. 


All they can do to vent their frustration is to call "King James version Christians"  thumpers or thimpers and ask "when is Mexico going to cut a check for the wall that I oppose". 


But I digressed Smiley Happy   That Gardner from Colorado has shall we say "family agricultural financial interests" well that requires cheap labor.   And Colorado is one of those dope smoking blue states that`s dictated by Denver urban areas.  Well there has been a huge influx of Mexicans into Colorado and Gardner is a lonely Colorado Republican that probably doesn`t want a wall for political and financial reasons.