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bruce MN


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Re: Ali...Boo

May God rest his soul.

Red Steele
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I think Cassius Clay died as a Muslim, and gave up his chance for

eternal salvation, but maybe he had a late life conversion back to

his roots.


For a guy with a purported IQ of 78, he sure got a lot of attention by

self-promotion, and was probably a reason for a lot of the turmoil in

the USA today.


If he had stayed Cassius Clay and not became the "civil rights"

advocate that he is being noted for, maybe America would be a far

better place today.



bruce MN

Actually a Prophet

bruce MN

What you self-absorbed "notchers" missed

Red Steele
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Re: What you self-absorbed "notchers" missed

I never was a fan of the sports heros are the silent types that let 

their own accomplishments speak for themselves. What I have seen over

the years is a man of low intellect, with an intuitive skill for manipulating the

media, that became an icon for young blacks and whites, to boast and 

self promote, and who set the standard for most of the boorish behavior

we have to watch in professional sports today.


A guy that was married four times, with a couple of other children by other

mothers is not the guy that any portion of the community should look to as

a role model.


Larry Holmes was a far better fighter....Holmes was so good that the best 

fighters dodged him for a long period and prevented him from getting the

40 plus wins with no defeats that would have put him inot the limelight by

himself. Holmes completely destroyed the aging boxer and looked to the

referees to stop the fight.


Joe Frazier put up with more crap from Clay/Ali than just about anyone 

would have without shooting the chump, from being called a white man's

n*gger, to being called ugly, etc.  Frazier was another honorable guy that

should have been a role model for young hard work gets 

you to the championship.


And George Foreman.....a cheating match where the evidence points to 

him being drugged, so that win should always have an asterick attached 

to it. Foreman went on to become a minister, I believe, and made much

more money outside the ring promoting those presto hamburger/meat

type grills. Another good man, decent role model.


Was he the greatest? no....Larry Holmes in his prime, and ten years after

would have still destroyed him on his best night like he did everyone else....Clay/Ali was

mediocre and had great bouts cause he didn't have the competition

completely outmatched like Holmes did. If Larry Holmes would have been

more articulate and better looking, he would have been the fighter that

the world knew on sight.

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Re: Ali...Boo

Steely comes through as expected. Horse's butt again!!!
Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: The Truth was told...

The truth was told well by you. Well said. 👍


Re: What you self-absorbed "notchers" missed

RedSteele said;


"a guy that was married four times with a couple of other children by other mothers is not the guy that any portion of the community should look to as a role model".


very similar description of the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee..... 


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Re: Ali...Boo

Bart; I think this explains a lot of the opinions expressed


Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 1.43.42 PM.png