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All "Walshed" Up!

Democratic Senator John Walsh – once one of the left’s leading hopes to keep the Senate – just withdrew from the election.

His once promising career has been shattered, after it was exposed that he cheated to get his masters’ degree.

Just the latest Democratic disaster.

One down, five more to go.
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Senior Contributor

Re: All "Walshed" Up!

That seat was as good as lost anyway. Schwietzer to the rescue !! 🙂


i'm happy that the GOP is showing no signs of traction in VA, and that Scott Brown is tanking in NH. 🙂 things look better than 6 months ago. And we've at least got the cushion of Biden if it ends up 50/50


Now to work on Joni the Phoney

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

More basic Democrat morality and decency

Joe Biden stole speeches and passed them off as his own work...why on earth would the demmies see this as anything bad?


Really makes giving an extra grand to someone's election seem like a big borass deal


Veteran Advisor

Re: More basic Democrat morality and decency

And the two leading gop candidates for Guv. of Arizona are top notch also--Christine Jones claimed to have been in the Air Force but no record was found of her service by the AF and admitted to a DUI conviction 10 years ago and the other Doug Ducey sold Cold Stone Creamery franchises to a bunch of people and got financing with govt secured loans and 51 of the stores went bankrupt and we paid over $29 million and he didn't lose a penny of the franchise money!  You repubers are not the moral equivilent of an angel so wipe the smile off your faces!

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: All "Walshed" Up!

Absolute disaster. It is not recoverable from here. Down hill is the only way forward for the dens. Thank you for your insight into a future direction of the party.