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All the Best People

should Judy Shelton somehow not make the cut for a Fed seat we should invite her over to Ag Forum.

She's shown an amazing capacity for flipping her economic expertise, such as it is, 180 degrees whenever it might gain the attention of someone in the GOP or wingnut welfare apparatus who might actually give her a job.

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Re: All the Best People

The Fed very important to keep “the best” afloat and perpetually harvesting. 

Pencil small-medium proprietary production Ag interests into this. Incidental in the big picture, but somehow still coveted as a piece of the aggregate.

In a nod to the actual conservatives

(I thought there were some here, but then Dagwood died and Sammy got the Dennison bug so not so sure......).

Anyway, Check the comment to the piece by a Wm. Duncan.  He gets in a good point about how market made liberals aren’t very likely to be any more interested in fixing anything than are the white shoes gang.

It’s a real problem in shaping policy, but will go away with time. Unfortunately, probably along with everything else in the world of equity.

Read an old Hayek/Goldbughack back in the 80’s say that the long term is shaky once money becomes a commodity. He knew of what he spoke but probably wasn’t cynical enough to suspect how sophisticated opportunists might become in policy influence and rule making.