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Veteran Advisor

Re: Allah

Why did Christians persecute Muslims? What don't you understand about the different languages? Oh I forgot all y’all think English is the only language. Allah is not a different god. It’s just a word from a different language that means God!
Senior Contributor

Re: Allah that must explain why English speaking Muslims and the translated Koran uses the word God in place of the Arabic Allah. Got it! Thanks for clearing that up Bart.

Except neither do...lololol!

Senior Contributor

Re: Allah

Allah says people like you should all be killed.

Senior Advisor

Re: Allah

It's the muslims who walk inside of Christian churches and blow themselves to bits. In muslim run countries Christians are second class citizens with few rights and often slaughtered because of their religion. Here we offer muslims sanctuary and put them in congress and make them soldiers and police oficers.