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bruce MN

Re: Good luck trying to bring this election back...

I’d never quite thought of it that way but if that’s what you want to think, fine with me. The caucus and primary participants selected him.

I’ve always considered him to be a fine public servant as compared to the mean.

With Paul Wellstone having been “eliminated”, he was my first choice in 2008 and 2016, although he didn’t run in the later.

This IS about defeating Dennison and taking back the Senate. Biden is who the party VOTERS, not the machinery selected to run.  Those VOTERS saw how that worked last time in nominating an extremely difficult to elect lousy candidate. He may well be no more than a placeholder/figurehead if the party gains a Congressional advantage.  We’ve had those before. Hell, Lyndon Johnson didn’t personally stand for much of what got enacted from ‘64-‘68.  If things prove to be horrible the GQP can try to get back to being the GOP and fry to find their new Nixon out of the rubble.

As I told Trudy, this didn’t need to happen but Republicans “went all Proud Boys” and “stood by”.

Senior Contributor

Re: Good luck trying to bring this election back...

Yep fine public servants always rape women and use use graft to enrich themselves and family.

See that 60 minutea piece on tara reade.  Oh no you didnt, cause it was not aired in the USA.