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Alternative to wikileaks from Iceland.

  The revolution grows, you can set on your butt(which would include your brain) and make excuses for your craven irresponsibility, or, you can learn the Truth.


Heart    REYKJAVIK — With the imprisonment of Bradley Manning and detainment of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks is effectively on hold. But that does not mean that leaks and whistleblowing activities have stopped.      GlobaLeaks lists a large number of leak sites, which are active to different degrees. Soon The Associated Whistleblowing Press (AWP) will be added to the list.                                    

“One of the main motivations for the AWP is to unite journalists around the world and bring stories to light,” says Brazilian journalist Pedro Noel, one of the main people behind the initiative. “WikiLeaks used to analyze and report on the files they released, but they don’t do that any more.”


   Noel perceived a gap in the whistleblowing community, between raw data — documents that conclude wrongdoing — and newsmaking in an impartial way, free of political and economic agendas. He decided that a new platform was needed.     “If the data does not get explained and treated in a way that people can understand, there’s no point in releasing it.”

    Noel is currently based in Reykjavik, where he is setting up an office, and building links worldwide. He and his colleagues intend to launch the new whistleblowing site in the last week of September.      Noel was once a volunteer with WikiLeaks, so he knows how the system there works. He says there a number of differences between the AWP and WikiLeaks.      “First, there are structural differences. We’ll have a decentralized framework. With AWP, editors and staff will swap positions: we don’t want to have an ‘icon.’ We’ll work with journalists and activists in different centers, and all the working groups will have their own platforms to receive documents and the like,” he tells IPS.        On the other hand, “WikiLeaks all goes through one website, which is in English only. Also, WikiLeaks publishes files of global interest, especially those related to the U.S. AWP wants to correct wrongdoings on a local basis and thus help local communities.”


snip-“AWP is building a team of researchers and analysts who will themselves publish stories, using local websites.” The main website will have links to the local websites, which will come online when the site is launched.


snip-Iceland may seem a strange place to house a whistleblowing service, but Noel says one of the main reasons for the decision is the Iceland Modern Media Initiative(IMMI) parliamentary resolution that was passed unanimously in 2010 by the Icelandic Althingi (parliament) with the aim of giving safe space to whistleblowers and investigative journalists.       The resolution also wants the Althingi to introduce a new legislative regime to protect and strengthen freedom of expression, allowing Iceland to become an international transparency haven.