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Re: Always good to find a real conservative

The article misses the point.  In any event, the termm conservative needs to be defined.  Is it Nelson Rockefeller?  William F Buckley?  Strom Thurmond?  Ted Cruz?

One of the base-line questions that bother some is the notion that laws don't really matter unless someone wants them to matter.  You see traffic streaming by a highway patrol car at 9 mph over the speed limit and god help you if you run the speed limit.  You see farmers obviously ignoring NRCS tillage and cropping plans with no consequences.  You see illegal immigrants given benefits without responsibiltiies.  But one does not see laws tha tare ignored changed so that they are enforced and nenforceable at a level the general population agrees to.  What this does is convince the average citizen that laws are situational and should be taken under advisement but not necessarily obeyed.  Go ahead and run the stopsign.  Just don't hit someone or the full force of society will be on you.  The average ciitizen finds it beneficial to push theh edge of the law but at the same time is subject to enforcement by anyone who wnats to make a point.  It's a bit of a Catch-22.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Broken windows....

part of what Rudy G did when he cleaned up NYC was to try to have

the little indicators fixed....broken windows repaired and replaced, etc.


You are spot on about the civil disobedience going on right

pet peeve I have is that close to half of the southern MN drivers now

don't use their turn signals. It's some sort of epidemic and the cops

are probably too overwhelmed to even pull a vehicle over for a minor