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Esteemed Advisor

Alzheimers election

so maybe Biden, who has never been a silver tongued orator and has clearly lost a step vs. Dennison- it is hard to tell the difference between his severely deformed personality and dementia but he frequently spews slurred and indistingushable garbled word salad (some of The Base mistake that for speaking in tongues).

And Bernie, fwiw, who is still sharp as a tack but has had a heart attack and won't release his medical records. Although I guess I wouldn't until the POTUS did.

Speaking of which I was thinking abut the little story of how Dennison sent some of his personal goons to raid the office of his personal physician and seize the records. One detail appeared to be that he was angry about the leak that he takes Rogaine for hair loss. I was checking the side effects or potential interactions with other drugs to see if there were any psychiatric side effects. Nothing too clear- lethargy, impotence.