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America First

I've decided to write a few of my impression now, because soon im not going to have time to keep track of all the news stuff.

i have to give trump the nod that he has been sucessful in one thing, he, as leader, and we used to consider the president a

role model, has given us permission to hate, and be foul to each other, and made us side vs the other, republicans

vs democrats, left vs right....imagine aliens listening in........what all all these kinds of people, we must have a look at each one of

these kinds, from what they are hearing, each one of these kinds are different, one high iq, others low, others have genetic defects,

etc....wouldnt surprise me to hear alien abductions will be on the rise, because they are going to try to figure all these different kinds

of people out.......

I have a novel idea.......why not have "america first"......remember what lincoln said, united we stand.....devided we fall......

today, we are divided.....the election was close (i'm not going to open that can or worms), but you have to admit that it was

a divided, the words fly, this bunch is dumb, that bunch is dumb, im hearing things said about religions, race,

men vs women, rich vs poor...Lincoln had it easy !!!....we only had one thing to agree, we are so fractured,


We need to become americans.......not black,or white, republican or democrat, left or right......we are americans.  We're not

perfect, but the thing that makes america great is that we meet in the middle and work out our problems....after all, that

is what america does.


I think our president (note i didnt say mine, or yours), needs to "understand the process".  I think he came to town, with a "chip on

his shoulder", and "i'm going to show YOU what I can do".....Those are both refering to ONE person.......this is the position of

a "ruler"........this is america........"WE the people"....WE......not you, not me, but WE.

Our president brings some important issues to the table, there is concern about healthcare, there is concern with national security,

with trade, many things.  The problem is, he is used to working for himself, I give the orders, you follow.....He has not quite

got the idea that he works FOR america....his EMPLOYER is every man, women and child in the country.....

Yes, our president has some concerns, and they are concerns of many, and they need to be addressed, but the whole

problem has been the approch.

I will mention several....first, healthcare....we do not have his voice print in  the system that acknowages him as the commander and

cheif, for 24 hours, but we sign an order to start to take apart the healthcare system.  I think you can find unhappyness across

all peole abuot their concern of the cost of their healthcare....nobody is disagreement over the's a complex problem

that we are going to have to work thru, it is a very important matter, and so we need to consider everyone's voice....this is


In my humble opinion, i think it would have been better to start to work on how we could do things different, hold hearings, bring in

insurance co (after all they are a major player in this), hospitals, doctors, etc.......everyone has something to contribute, and

if we can work thru this together, we can maybe have something that ALL of us can live with.......

This idea of "we're going to fix this", yes one party has all the answers.....don't bring up what happened in the past, that's water under

the bridge.....when you drive the tractor, to go forward, are you looking behind ?....sure, there are problems with ACA, but

let's settle this like adults, rather than name calling.......remember, a nation united stands, a nation divided falls.......

the ACA is a prime eample.


Immigration.....I feel again, someone didn't consider how things work.....I'm going to sign an order...there.  Well i think all of us

will agree, we need to make sure that people that want to harm us, are not  let into the country.....democrats, republicans, left or right.

What should have been done, thought should have been made before writting the order.  Consideration should have been

made how things operate, and special conditions, and how we are going to do this, and run it pas the legal department, to make

sure we had a good order, that was clear, and based.......the exec order was none of these.......even Bannon said "we're going

to get better at this".....we should have told our border people what was going on, we should have had procedures in place,

rather than strand people, and incidents of young children traveling for medical treatment.  If a little bit of time, and forethought

would have been made, much of this would not have been an issue, but now it is, again, we are divided.........


some of you might want to grab your nitro pills, but president trump could foster good things for the country, but he must

learn, he is president, not the imperial wizzard.

He needs to stop making "moutains out of molehills".....the issue about how many people attened his swearing in.......what does

it matter ???  in the grand scale of things ?

The staff needs to admit they have made some mistakes....tell the truth.....rather than try to spin it......the american people have

been and are now, tired of this......from everyone.

They would get much more trust from everyone.

This idea of "going to war" with the press must stop......the media is the watchdog of the democratic system.......the president needs

to understand, they serve a function......if he does something wrong......yes, the press should bring it to light.....i'm sorry, but

if you fight with them, the question starts to pop in many peoples minds.....what are they hiding....the press can't be wrong about

everything.......our president needs to take a history did nixon act ???

ok, i've expelled the stone of my belly now.......i do this in hope that we can make america great, and america first.




got to start to get things going, seed to get, checmicals, planter ready, along with sprayer, etc....might even put up a grain bin.

now that the weather is moderating, can start to get things done.


be careful out there.


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Senior Reader

Re: America First

You areglaringly over looking the fact that ACA was passed with not one republican vote,  rammed through congress by every hook and crook in the book and some outside of the book.  Obahma tried to ram socalism down our throats, and thank God,  we're are not buying that.  He even tried to turn the country against law and order, attacking the police and law and order in general.  The man did a lot of damage to our country and it will take time to heal, but I do have faith that our constitution will prevale and law and order will win out over the anarchy that  we are seeing in the streets and on college campuses.  We the people will take back out country from socialism and anarchy and the likes of Obama and Hillary who have worked so hard at trying to destroy our borders and submit us to world order.  Not only is this country,  with Trump as the leader, but Europe also is moving toward taking back their countries from the borderless anarchy of globalism.  May freedom once again prevail not only in the USA but spread over the civilized world, as for the oother part of the world, may God have mercy on their souls.

Senior Contributor

Re: America First

cuman; you seem to have missed a big part of what elcheapo was pointing out that Trump and his associates have shown they are ignorant about procedures and very good at telling lies and spinning things when they screw up.


That is what happens when you put an amateur untrained person in a new job.


What Trump and his people need to do is go slow and learn the job, check the water for rocks before pitching everyone overboard.

Unfortunaltely it does not seem to be the way they operate.


Now you said all the common words used to put down those others like 'socialism' (but you have had socialism in many areas for years. Like all the subsidies to farmers), God, ( I won't say more except anyone wanting to go back to those 'good times' has to use that word), take back our country (from who?), law and order, destroy our borders, anarchy of globalism (look at history when there apparently was not globalism and lots of wars, BIG wars) and if you do not think you have freedom now then how is closing your borders giving you freedom since any border you close to 'those others' means borders will be closed to you too then there is the unwarranted attempt to muzzle your press and replace it with false news sites that cater to what people want to think instead of to the truth.

Truth of course is a thing of the past with Trump and his minders. He just keeps telling you a story until you all fall in step and just bleive it to be true.


Do you know how much vetting of people coming to your country go through now?

Where is that system not working and needs to be improved?

The peole who were turned back recently had been vetted and given papers to allow them in, how was the system faulty?

The ban was faulty since if stopped people from countries that had not been involved in attacks in your country while allowing people from countries that had been involved in attacks.


Open you eyes and ears then think critically instead of just falling into lock step behind any lies told to you.

Senior Advisor

Re: America First

You mean like the belief all repubs are white racist.