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Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
Veteran Advisor

Re: America's Mayor

I'm sure that America's Mayor (a successful one, I might add ) will be too busy serving as Attorney General , in a few months, to even give a crap. 

bruce MN

Re: America's Mayor

Yup.  Nothing spells success like going all street sweeper/bulldozer and shoving who and what you don't want out beyond the perimiter.


And, seriously?:

Veteran Advisor

Re: America's Mayor

Yep you can always know which guy repugs like craigo pick by looking at what they try to blame on liberals. Rudy cheated on all 3 wives even leaving the 2nd one when she got cancer and then blames Hillary for Bill's affairs. If she forgave him, it would seem that it is her right. Now the two repug leaders are blaming Obama for their being stupid enough to override his veto!! Now that is just pure stupidity!