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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

America's entry into WW I

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BA Deere
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Re: America's entry into WW I

That era following America`s greatest president Teddy Roosevelt sort of greased the skids as to one of the many turning points that got us in the mess we`re in today.  The Federal Reserve, the Revenue Act of 1913..all that prolongs the amount of time that we can continue living beyond our means and the beginings of wealth redistribution.


What I found interesting is "The Zimmerman telegragh" where the Krauts told Mexico to join up with them and after the dust settles, they`ll give part of the US to Mexico.   That`s like now, Obama telegraphs that he`ll grant amnesty and the Mexicans flood in and they`ll just take the country over through the ballot it the "Obama telegraph" Smiley Very Happy  


After WWl the reparations that Germany had to paid were too punitive and Germany was unsustainably indebted and then hyperinflation.  But as in the WiKi page, the Jewish population kind of wanted WW1 to fast track getting Israel a nation, the monitary problems in Germany left their Jewish population unscath and they actually thrived. 


Well, sometimes (I would say always) the "stereotypes" often have more than a grain of truth.  And their financial prowess made the Jews an easy scape goat.  Well, if you`re a Kraut business owner and your country`s economy is in the toilet and you lose your store and a Jewish person ends up with it, it`s not hard to see many Krauts would be angry about that.


The thing is, the people of Germany weren`t to blame for WW1 but yet they were punished with the unpayable reparations that kept their country permanently in the toilet.   It was a pretty contrived deal, hindsight being 20/20 which countinued into WWll. 

Senior Contributor

Re: America's entry into WW I

Not so sure the 'jews' wanted the war let alone fast tracked.

Thought the article said they were divided along lines of where they had come from.


The 'jews' became a scape goat because a leader like Hitler has to pick on a minority and get the rest of the people to believe their problems are caused by that minority. the 'jews' were convenient and an easy target to persuade christians to go for revenge on.


Do not think 'the people' of any country were to blame  for the war except they allowed nationalism to trump common sense and in Germanies case in the 1930ies fell for the scapgoat trick used by their leaders to blame their troubles on a minority.


BTW in WW I the US did not do any fighting until late in 1917 and no major participation until June of 1918, the war was over in November 1918.

The other participants in the war were fighting since 1914

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: America's entry into WW I

Under "Jewish Americans" in this WiKi page "..opposition to the draft disappeared when Zionists saw war as a possibility to demand a state of Israel".  



There was a large Jewish population in Germany, many fought in WWl and 6 million were murdered by Hitler and that was after many escaped before the Holocaust.  


I couldn`t quickly find numbers of Jewish people the emmigrated to Germany right after WWI, but they did well financially before and during the Weimar hyperinflation.  And as i said, a Kraut doing poorly sees this group doing extremely well and their country is in a hopless mess, needing a wheelbarrow of Marks to buy a loaf of bread and such, the Jewish people were a easy target. 


my Jewish ancestors were smart enough to stay out of Germany for the most part and were in that Alsatian area of France, but that didn`t prevent a couple that I know of anyway, ending up at Auschwitz.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: America's entry into WW I

if you substitute the word "bankers" for "Jews", you get a clearer indication

of what was going on in the resentment department. And a friend of mine, 

a college history major if that means anything, once said , when we were

talking about Germany and what happened there...."Don't you think that

(they....the bankers/Jews) were squeezing the business owners a bit too

much?" Probably some truth in that, too. Bernie Sanders is railing now

about the bankers in America, and getting a lot of political traction from

it, too.


My grandmother married a Roman Catholic farmboy, but not in a church

and I don't think she ever attended a church. Her family surname is very

Jewish, her parents were successful homebuilders and she grew up in

an affluent lifestyle...until she got married, and managed to estrange her

husband from his successful father. My grandfather worked as a mechanic

for his life, into his 80's while his younger brothers enjoyed their lives

as affluent farmers. A good lesson for everyone there. My grandfather got

$200 when his father died, I would call his father my great grandfather but I 

never knew the guy and doubt if he knew of my existence. And the brothers,

smart business guys, took $9 out for his share for the inheritance taxes.

You can't make this stuff


After my grandmother died a few years ago, I read some of the letters she

had kept and some were from a cousin in Germany, a teacher that had came

to America for a spell, and went back to Germany and was living in the times

that were so hard, he was writing and begging for anything my grandmother 

and grandfather could spare. Letters that bring a tear to the eye of even a

hardened man like me. And they had nothing to give...their own lives were 

hard here in America at the time, too. They sent some things over but had to



I wonder what happend to him...I googled his name once, with the lists of the

Jews known to have died in the death camps and found more than one of 

the same name....Its one of those things that you really don't want to think about

a lot, except maybe sometimes when one of the clowns here brings up the Nazis

and try to compare an American conservative, trying to ensure a future for us

fortunate to be living in the USA, and call the politican a Nazi, or call republicans

Nazis, etc. Just like Milligan driving the school bus, any of the fools posting in 

here could easily get a job driving the clown bus, but probably only figuratively,

it takes a lot of skill to actually drive a bus.

bruce MN

Re: America's entry into WW I

Thanks Red.Verifies what I said below 


Re: America's entry into WW I

I was busy and few days so trying to catch up on the topic of the day at Bullwinkle's History Corner.


I'll interpret in this manner- right or wrong on the matter of entering WWI, the isolationists were the leaders of the US part of the movement to make sure that the Bad War ended up with a Worse Peace.


I think its fair to say the the US needs to rethink the global order that we've enforced since WWII. But creating an abrupt power vacuum is probably the single worst choice.


That's why it isn't hyperbole to say that our historical allies are scared $%^&less of Trump.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: America's entry into WW I

which stuff...the part about entering WW I after the war was just about over,

and decimating Germany by shifting the deck to a stacked one, and onorous

terms of surrender because a very weak American president was pressured

into it?


The part where a previous (democrat, even)  POTUS candidate resigned his

cabinet post in disgust over it all?


The part where the American people were force fed a steady diet of 

propaganda to get them juiced up to go to war? Germans using poison gas

on the battlefields.....and killing civilians in munition ships? oh my, the

horror of it all....thank God that Harry Truman never had to witness any

of that, right?


Good stuff in there.....stuff I missed in the Bullwinkle history courses I got

the history medal for taking back in high school. Wish the teacher would have

given us a good dose of Pat Buchanan instead of the sos we got back then.

Senior Contributor

Re: For what its worth

My wifes grandparents came from Denmark and sailed to America on the Lousitania.


Another observation from another source was that the end of the war was not a strategic arms arms race or superior military advantage. They war didn't end because of military prowess. What brought them to an armitist was the flu! Everybody of all nationalities were so damned sick that nobody could field a healthy army any more.


The Maternal grand father was about to be shipped Europe when he was taken down by the flu. He left behind a wife and four little girls. The last one perished a few years back due to lukemia. That happened to be my wifes mother.


I wish I could report the source of that observation about the flu epidemic and it's impact on the war. It was televised a few years back and unfortunately I can't recall the source. Probably something from Adolf Hitler Channel.

Honored Advisor

Re: America's entry into WW I



your quote....... "The 'jews' became a scape goat because a leader like Hitler has to pick on a minority and get the rest of the people to believe their problems are caused by that minority. the 'jews' were convenient and an easy target to persuade christians to go for revenge on."


Makes me think a little bit..... and ask myself how many times, over and over, we listen to Public Leaders who probably have no business leading anything,,,,, define the scape goat in order to give credibility to their claims.  It has become a motivational "style".

And every time i here the deamon scape goat named I have begun to question the credibility of the speaker or his claims..especially when the blame seems more important to prove than the claim itself.


Corporations, mankind, bankers, fracking, economics, religion, war, america in general, fossil fuels, off shore drilling, etc

The list gets long when you think about it....  not to mention corn sweeteners, the speed with which food is prepared, red meat, gluten, over cooked vegitables,  on and on and on.


We are as rich an environment for the tactic as Germany was in that era.