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Honored Advisor

Re: America's entry into WW I

Don this topic reminds me also of a friend of mine from eastern europe originally.  Who lost several aunt and uncles to the German army in WW2.  They were fighting in armed forces in opposition and his family observed a lot of bad behavior by hitlers forces in the Ukraine.  

He has been reading about two studies carried out by Yale and Stanford Universities about the obedience of humans to authority when given tasks to do that cause pain to others.  In short it concludes that doing something we know is wrong becomes much easier when there is someone else responsible for the decision, or at least sharing it that decision.


The traditional family is an issue but after reading those studies I have to wonder if whatever gives us a sense of guilt has gone out the door just as fast.... be it our sense of responsibility, religous conviction, pride in leadership or just community standard.

If it is every man for himself, we will not choose whats right, just what is best for me...

bruce MN

Re: America's entry into WW I

The pro German isolationist wing did a good job of ingraining a revisionist view following the war to carry forward into  a contrarian view that won't die easily. And easily dredged up every time democf

racy seemed to be taking too good of a foothold.  


When end you say "got in when it was just about over" I assume you don't mean that the Allies had things well in hand.


Re: America's entry into WW I

Pat also has argued counterfactually against the US entry into WWII.


Could be that if they'd lebensborned a few hundred million more happy krauts who'd be living the life in all that lebensraum to the east, with just an occasional conspiracy theory concerning a few hundred million people who used to live here and there, it would be a better world.


Or maybe in Pat's case if we'd had the good sense to let the Irish starve in place.


But neither occurred, and so we're here.


I do think a case can be made against US entry into WWI- the 2nd Reich was extremely tame in comparison with the 3rd.


Probably underappreciated is the effects of the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire as it has related to geoploitics since. But it was sort of dying of its own accord.